Amber Lee Connors is a 25 year old voice actor, and one of the voice actors for Sister Location and FNaF World, She is the voice actor for Claire from The Immortal and The Restless.

The Girl Behind the Mic

Voice Actress, Script Writer and Casting Director. Amber started voice acting in 2007 with a strong passion and vigor for the craft.

She firmly believes that through hard work, determination and perseverance anything can be accomplished - and continues to holds herself firmly to these beliefs and standards in her work.

From Video-Games and Animations, to Commercials, Radio Ads and more - Amber's versatile and extensive range has enabled her to work in various forms of media. However, her true passion and specialty lay in character voices, especially for Video Games.

When she is not working, Amber enjoys a variety of hobbies including; Reading, Writing Fiction, Drawing, Painting, Anime, Video Games, Foreign Music, Korean Horror Films, Sewing & Cosplay.

Other Characters by Amber

  • Team Four Star's Dragon Ball Z Abridged- Android 18
  • Holy Knight- Lilith Kishimoto
  • CHUYA-DEN- Yuuna
  • Ladies versus Butlers!- Tomomi Saikyō
  • Assassination Classroom- Additional Voices
  • Divine Gate- Macbeth
  • Rio: Rainbow Gate!- Rio Rollins Tachibana
  • Fight Ippatsu! Jūden-chan!!- Pulse Trans
  • Heroes of Newerth- Death Metal Rhapsody
  • Dust: An Elysian Tail- Ginger
  • APEXICON- Female Wordsmith
  • Heroes of Newerth- Circe The Deceiver
  • Detective Grimoire- Sally
  • Devil's Dare- Queenie & Zombies
  • Dread Out- Ira & Kuntilinak
  • Malevolence: The Sword of Ahkranox- Female Hero, Various
  • Meltdown- Paz
  • Project Nimbus- Mirai
  • Dead Island: Epidemic- Amber & Hailey
  • Dread Out: Act II- Ira & Suzie
  • Heroes of Newerth- Yi Peng
  • HuniePop- Beli
  • Payday 2- Female Bank Teller
  • Supreme League of Patriots- Nurse Julie
  • Hercules V- Narrator
  • Hero Forces: Breaking Dawn- Tsuruko, Misc Voices
  • HunieCam Studio- Beli, Candace & Sarah
  • Payday 2: The Wolfpack DLC-Terrified Girl
  • Dread Out: Keepers of the Dark Serpent- Mistress & Little Girl
  • FNaF World- Toy Chica, JJ, Nightmare Chica (Foxy Fighters)
  • FNaF: Sister Location- Claire

Visual Novels / Game Hybrid

  • Burn Your Fat with Me!-Marika
  • Princess Battles-Aurelia
  • Sunrider-Ava
  • But I Love You Hikari
  • Exogenesis: Perils of Rebirth-Hayami Koto


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