Ballora is one of the antagonists in Five Nights at Freddy's Sister Location. Her starting point is the Ballora Gallery along with the Minireenas. She first appears in Night 1, along Funtime Foxy.

Ballora's behavior will become more aggressive and unexpected each night, to the point of using her Minireenas when she suffered an error and chased the player with her bare endoskeleton in the Funtime Auditorium. She gets destroyed in the Scooper Room on night 4


Out of all the animatronics in the series, Ballora seems to be the most human-like animatronic, represented as an actual ballerina. She has white skin, blue/purple hair tied in bun, and a magenta skirt. Like the others, she has faceplates that can move around, in this case, at least four. She has small white jewels in her hair along with real golden earrings. She also has magenta cheeks and pink/magenta lips. If looked closely, Ballora has sharp endoskeleton teeth. She is quite tall, as well.


In the game, Ballora has the uniquest of all mechanics. She only attacks if you make a sound, and has music playing around her. She has eyes under her eyelids, but are only revealed when her faceplates are activated. The eyes looks like a phantom animatronic's. For some reason, one night when you put the light on to check if she is on stage, she is in pieces, carried by her Minireenas on stage.