Minireenas are a minor antagonists in Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location. They are mini versions of Ballora. These Animatronics start to appear in Night 4, when you're trying to keep the springlock wound up ,the identify of the springlock suit is unknown.



The Minireenas' are four ballerina-like animatronics, they are four mini copies of Ballora. However, they're more simple in design, as their bodies are only colored light-brown, with the exception of the face that is white-colored. They have a smiley face and a white tutú. When attacked by them, two small yellow irises can be seen in their eyes. All four version of them are notably some of the smallest animatronics in the series.


  • Bidybab and Minireena are the only known Animatronics not part of The Birthday Party Schedule