These are the unused features that weren't included in the game.

Spring Trapped

There was supposed to be a jumpscare for when you failed to keep the springlocks wound up. However Scott decided it would be easier to just have Minireena kill you once this happens, as a means of saving time.

The player will be killed when the spring locks are on loose. Unfortunately, the file hasn't been found yet. This was likely cut because it was too violent. However, this brings into question the violence of the Scooper, which seems more violent as it is ripping out your insides, while the springlocks just crush you.

Circus Baby's Breaking the Glass

There are two different unused sound clips in the game, one of the Female Computer Voice telling you not to go near the Circus Gallery's glass; and the other is glass breaking, so originally Circus Baby wasn't supposed to help the player.

Circus Baby Jumpscare

As seen in the trailer, Circus Baby has an unused jumpscare. Some people say that this happens when she receives a controlled shock.


  • Some say that Spring Bonnie is the springlock suit you put on in Night 4.
    • Additonally, Spring Bonnie can be seen in the reflection on Baby's nose in the second teaser for Sister Location.
    • However, this is unlikely, due to the fact that instead it's face opening up, Springtrap's mask has to be pulled off, as shown as in FNaF 3's pictures of William Afton taking off the mask.
    • Its could just be another version of Spring Bonnie with its face opening up, since Fredbear and Spring Bonnie does have multiple version that appear in FNaF 4.
  • The "Circus Baby's Breaking the Glass" feature might be a possible reference in Five Nights at Candy's, when Blank is breaking the glass on NIght 2.